About Me

My name is Steve.  That you may have guessed from the site name, even if you don't know me.  I was born on the east coast and I live on the west.  I've lived much and loved much.  My bucket list is short; I tackled it early on.

My parents were solid and raised my brother and I well.  Problem is, I  didn't listen.  My brother did - he did everything by the books and has an incredible family in a wonderful home and a great career.  We're similar in that regard, he and I, but we took VERY different paths.

I was an adrenaline junky when I was younger; I chose  the X Games over the Super Bowl.  I still do.  I enjoy almost anything with an engine in it - motorsports even more so.  Except the Prius.  Don't ask.  Although the idea of one with an LS or Hellcat engine is something I'd love to drive around and harvest giggles from like-minded people, if only for a weekend.

Professionally, I started off in the auto world and moved into tech.  After the dot-com bust my buddy and I were laid off from our jobs.  He found something else.  I started my own company, which was both the best and worst thing ever.  Like chocolate.  Or alcohol.

MotoGP (motorcycle road racing; world championship) has been my passion since high school.  I was wise to avoid them in my twenties.  My consulting business morphed into a business centered around motorcycling.  I had a race team and even took to the track myself.  I still ride, catch me on my matte black Ducati 749 and say 'hi' sometime.

Creditors forced my hand and I searched for a job for the better part of a year.  I finally found something doing tech work again.  Not the kind of job you brag about, but I was back in the game, and ultimately that landed me where I am today.  I bleed red and orange.  If you're really curious what that means, ask me for my resume.

There's a bit of irony in the statement that I just bought an EV.  It's the union of my young and not-as-young adult lives... motorsports and tech.  I really should next level that statement and buy an Energica.  Maybe.

<insert pause here while I 'contentplate'>