I've owned this domain for over two decades.  In that time it's front-ended many different websites / splash-pages / blogs and back-ended services few ever knew existed.

At this time 10 years ago I was running out of Linode, a terrific bare-bones VM host for developers.  My work with AWS at Adobe converted me from a data center to cloud kinda guy, though, and I decided to pack up and move.  I had huge plans.  Really, I did.  I just never got around to pulling the trigger, and for a very long time my website has simply loaded a page roughly similar to...

The page you're looking for could not be found
Probably a maintenance... please check back later

How embarrassing.

Needless to say, I've decided to take action and resolve this problem.  I still have a grand objective, which I'm working on in the background, but in the interim, for any souls that land on my corner of the internet, I'd like to give you something a bit more attractive to look at, possibly even entertain or educate you.

I'll see what I can dig out of the archives - if anything surfaces I'll repost it.

Pardon my absence.  I'm glad to be back.